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It is time
To break the chains of life
If you follow you will see
What's beyond reality.

Have you ever noticed that you never experience COMPLETE silence?
What is your favorite word?
Which experience has touched you the most?
Which person/thing is most important to you?

It's amazing that most of us would have to really THINK at length for these Qs before answering them. It's amazing to see how few of us care to think about ourselves - who we REALLY are. Each one of us has a double life - the facade we put on for the world and our true selves, although a couple of you might be shrugging this off right now. Think about it: How many times have you faced a situation like a "mature individual" when actually inside you're terrified like a child? It's not wrong to be this double-person; what's important is to ACKNOWLEDGE this side of you. And the REAL you is more of this vulnerable person than the facade you show the world.

No, this ain't a psychology class and I'm no shrink neither a Cult leader. Just someone who takes time off and actually feels, thinks about the deeper meaning of life, of the things in life.

So, I made a mistake.
Man isn't perfect, only intentions are. It isn't wrong in life to make mistakes, it's wrong not to learn from them. And this learning is a process from the womb to the tomb. Yesterday is a cancelled check, tomorrow is bills receivable and today is cash-in-hand. Don't wallow in your past.. move on.. LEARN, GROW. Disillusions and disorientations are a part of life. That's how life prepares you for the ongoing.

How do you see the glass - half full or half empty?
The pessimist expects the weather to get worse,
The optimist hopes it will improve,
The realist adjusts the sails.

I'm a woman, you're a man.
So, what's this big hype about feminism. Women want to be equal? Fine! No more opening doors for them, no frills, no benefits. Well no, that's not what women demand. They demand EQUITY, not equality. Perfect equality is utopian. Equity is what is practical. Just 'coz the back wheel of the bicycle performs a different function from that of the front wheel, doesn't imply it's any more superior. Similarly, even though the man and the woman may perform different functions, doesn't mean one is better than the other. They both have their place. What is asked is that this only be recognised and respected.

Fine, I'm prejudiced.
It's only when we respect others opinions, will they respect ours. Just 'coz our viewpoint is different, doesn't make theirs any wrong. I sit opposite someone, for me the door is to the right, to him it's to the left. Who's wrong? To each his own. One of our biggest contributions to the world is tolerance and forgiveness.

What really matters?
What really matters to you? Money? Fame? Love? What would bring you true happiness?? Just a moment here: There's a difference between having fun and being happy. I go to a pub, party, yes.. I feel good.. I'm happy? No, I'm having fun. Fun is a transient feeling. Passes with the moment. Happiness is that underlying feeling of contentment, of peace which lingers on. You could be in the midst of a million people, definetely not alone, but, lonely. So, what really matters in the end? Human relations or wordly wealth? Not to say, that material benefits aren't important, but, one needs to get ones priorities straight. It makes no sense for me to work my u-know-what off to get my kids a better toy, when I can't spend an hour of quality time with them in a day. So, what really matters?


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          My life, a dream
  Bounding over field  and  stream
Wind through  canyon
      Climbing  heights  unknown
 Touching hearts  tremulous
     with  fear   of
Life, a dream...