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Re-Discovery of Self

Have you ever tried asking yourself this question - Do the things/people in our lives deserve the importance/attachment we assign them?

Love and hate both mean we impart importance to the person, rather, we give him/her the power, the right to affect us. Isn't is paradoxical that we empower someone we 'hate'?

Actually, everything lies in our mind. What makes gold intrinsically valuable? Isn't it just another piece of metal? It is we who have given to it, it's importance and so comes it's 'value'. The mind or the self has the capacity to attach/detach itself from temporary things. But, it is only when you find your 'Self', that you can exercise this power.

When we look into a basin of water, we see our nose and ears moving rhythmically sideways like a pendulum. Even though we see this, we know that our nose was not moving. But, all the same, we see what we see. Because our reflection in the water depends entirely on the reflecting surface, it gathers unto itself it's abnormalities from the vagaries of the reflecting medium. The Self has neither activities nor an agency; but, in life one, the conditioned Self, ego, gathers unto itself the peculiarities of agency, actions and anxieties.

Electricity in itself is static energy. But, when it is generated, stored and sent out through a distribution system and when it reaches the room and various equipments are plugged on to it, the same energy becomes dynamic. When the self, burdened with all potentialities, functions through matter-conditionings, it assumes to itself the ego-centric attitudes ot agency, action, fruits et al. Thus, the Self is Truth.

The unveiling of Truth/Self is a process of the removal of ignorance and not a creation of knowledge, and therefore, it is only a re-discovery and, not a creative achievement.